Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Gifts! Just In!

Mini Amphora Vase in Box
These tiny and timeless vases are based on classic Amphora shapes. They're constructed of silver-plated brass and have oiled shesham wood bases. Three designs.

Phrenology Heads (make great bookends)
These ceramic phrenology heads recall the days when some believed that the shape of the skull indicated a person's temperament and mental capacity. Each fascinating piece is decorated with hand-detailed butterflies and friendly insects.

Woodland Salt and Pepper Cellars
Tiny spoons rest in gently cupped leaf bowls. These nature-inspired salt cellars make for an organically beautiful table!

Floating Feather Ornaments
The contrasting textures of fluffy natural feathers and glittering glass make these Floating Feather Ornaments beautiful and unique. Colorful plumes nestle inside mouth-blown hollow glass spheres, drops and icicles.

Felt Mistletoe
Woolen mistletoe sprigs hangs from jute twine, it's wire stems are adjustable to create natural dimension.
Demand a kiss!

Felt Bird Ornaments
Hand blocked and stitched. these soft offerings provide appealing holiday texture.

Felt Birdhouse Ornaments

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